The Ultimate Wine Experience

From sweet to dry, light to rich, full bodied to well balanced, fruity to oaky and silky to smooth, we have just the finish for your palate.

Are you a wine lover? Can you tell we are too? At the Junction Hotel you are spoilt for choice!

We have an abundant selection of wines from Australia and around the world, over 300 to be exact.

Our Owner Rolly is often asked why we have such a large selection. Over the years he has made sure that we have a variety to offer our customers as we understand each person’s palette is different, just like our wines!

As we head into Summer, we feel the popular choice will be the light and refreshing Rose’s, Pinot Gris’ and Pinot Grigio’s. Rolly’s top pick red wine variety is Pinot Noir, a light bodied red, the flawless choice during the warmer months.

We have the variety here for you. We invite you in to enjoy a great bottle of wine and we promise to find you something just a little bit special.