Join us at the Junction

Here at The Junction Hotel we’re a place that feels like home! You will always be greeted with a smile and spoilt with the best. We invite you to share in the perks for your 2024!

1. Your first round is on us!

Become a Member for $10 and we pop $20 straight back on to your Membership card, your first round is on us… we told you we like to spoil you!

Join us at the Junction -
Join us at the Junction -

2. Our food and drinks are what sets us apart…

Indulge in our new menu, recently launched by our Head Chef and creator of all things amazing, Warren Fouracre. Enjoy food created with passion and infused with flavour with our Members Discount of 5% off any time, any day!

3. We love to celebrate you!

It’s the gift that keeps on giving… once a year on your special Birthday we like to treat you by shouting you a drink, giving you $10 off your main meal & rewarding you with a free lunch when you buy another.

Join us at the Junction -
we are part of the real inner city

4. We are part of the real inner city…

We are proud to be situated in the centre of it all, in the beautiful city of Newcastle, only a 10-minute stroll to the beach. Plan the perfect staycation in our luxurious and comfortable accommodation and relax from the moment you check in. 

5. We’re the perfect place to create lasting memories…

A venue like no other, our space was created to make you feel welcome always! We have the perfect venue to host our next party! Whether it’s a baby shower, birthday celebration or even an engagement party, we have various food options to suit your needs. 

Join us at the Junction -

And last but not least, we love surprises! Every now and then when you least expect it, we’ll pop a special gift in your inbox, or when you swipe your card at the kiosk you have the chance to win at random…

  • A free drink
  • BOGOF House Drink
  • BOGOF Lunch
  • BOGOF Breakfast
  • Rolly’s Shout
  • A free cocktail of the week
  • $10 off any bottle of wine
  • $10 off a bottle opener

So how do you sign up we hear you ask? Take a minute to click here & we’ll get you sorted. Now let’s celebrate!